For the longest time I really struggled with studying the bible. I could read the bible for chapters at a time, but I found that when I was done, I was left with nothing. I didn’t know how to apply what I read to my life, so I figured it was kind of pointless. But it’s not! In my last post, How to Activate Your Glo Up, I talked about how important your faith is and explained that you strengthen your faith by reading and hearing the word of God.

Everything on this website from the blog posts to this new printable, comes from me filling a void that I see in my own life and that I believe can help in other people’s lives. If you want to increase your faith and study the bible, I highly suggest that you get this worksheet. Now enough rambling about me, let me tell you why you should get it.

The Bible Study Worksheet is a five-step worksheet that will help you efficiently study the bible. With this worksheet you will:

  • pick a book of the bible and a chapter to study (I recommend one worksheet per chapter)
  • list any names that you find
  • write down any words that you don’t know and look up the definitions
  • summarize the chapter in your own words
  • write what the chapter means to you and how you can apply the lessons/message to your life
  • write down any questions that you have so that you can ask your pastor, a fellow believer, or even me (just go to the contact page of this blog)

Click here to sign up to receive your bible study worksheet. You will get an email sent directly to your inbox containing your worksheet. Happy studying!

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bible study worksheet

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