14 Day Self Love Challenge

Wow, today is really the last day of January. I swear time is passing me by and I’m just trying to keep up. Tomorrow is the first day of February, which means that Valentine’s Day is approaching! For those of us without that special someone, this season can be kind of tough. You can’t go into a store without seeing pink and red everything, candy, and stuffed animals. Don’t even get me started with the posts on social media.

I actually really do love love and I love seeing other people in love. I think that one of the most important types of love is self-love. So I’ve decided to start a 14 day self-love challenge here on the blog. I hope to continue this challenge every year.

self love challenge

Self love is important because it is natural for us to be extremely hard on ourselves. We enjoy encouraging others and making sure that they feel loved, but we rarely do it for ourselves. This is why self-care has become so popular. We have to make conscious decisions to really love and care for ourselves each and every day. So for the next fourteen days we’re going to focus on doing just that. This isn’t just for singles either! It’s also important for people in relationships to practice self-love and self-care regularly because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take time to refill yourself so that you can be a bigger and better blessing to others!

The Challenge

Every day for the next fourteen days I will be posting a picture like the one below on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and here on the blog. Each picture will contain the affirmation of the day and either a journal prompt or an action to take to practice self-care. Most of the actions will take less than 15 minutes and I tried to put the ones that might take a little longer on the weekends. Below is also a list of all of the prompts and actions so that you can get a general idea.

14 days of self love

14 Days of Self Love Challenge

Day One – Have a solo dance party

Day Two – Cook your favorite meal

Day Three – Prompt: What is one belief that you have of yourself that you need to get rid of?

Day Four – Take a bubble bath and watch your favorite movie

Day Five – Get super cute and spend extra time on your hair/makeup.

Day Six – Prompt: Write a letter to yourself detailing all the things you are proud of accomplishing.

Day Seven – Go a full day without social media.

Day Eight – Repeat 3 affirmations in the mirror when you first wake up and before you go to sleep.

Day Nine – Prompt: List 10 things that you love about yourself.

Day Ten – Spa Day! Light a candle, put on a mask, and paint your nails (or get them done if you suck at it like me!)

Day Eleven – Find a quiet spot to meditate for at least 15 minutes.

Day Twelve – Prompt: Write down all of your strengths and things you are good at.

Day Thirteen – Start the book you’ve been wanting to read.

Day Fourteen – Buy yourself flowers and a cute stuffed animal

I will post each picture with the affirmation and journal prompt/action on each social media platform at 8 am. I would love to hear any feedback from you about how the challenge was for you and if you liked it. See you at 8!

Have you participated in any challenges like this before?

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