I Was Dreading Valentine’s Day…..


Yesterday was my first Valentine’s Day in a few years where I was really single. Like, not expecting to receive anything single. You know how you can be single but you and your boo will have problems if you don’t at least get some flowers and a card? Lol I wasn’t even expecting that. I was truly single and spent the day alone.

And I loved every moment of it! Up until two days ago, I was not looking forward to Valentine’s Day and then something just switched. I just felt at peace and decided that I was going to make this one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had.

Best Valentine’s Day Ever

So the night before I went to the store and bought myself a teddy bear, some chocolate, and some fake rose petals. I came home and cleaned my room and my bathroom.

Then yesterday morning I woke up and lit my favorite candle ever – Black Cherry Merlot. I put on a mask and listened to music. After getting ready for the day I made my bed, and arranged the rose petals. It was so cute and I was literally so happy while doing it! I made sure my room was absolutely spotless so that I could just relax when I came home from class.

After class I went to Edible Arrangements to pick up the arrangement my first + forever valentine (my dad) got for me. My dad has gotten me something every year for Valentine’s Day and I honestly feel like the most special girl in the world every single time. I came home and ate all of the chocolate covered strawberries. That was probably a bad idea because my stomach was hurting lol! After that I just realized, caught up on YouTube, and did some homework.

This Valentine’s Day was so relaxing and I really just got to focus on me. Who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single?

Falling in Love

Spending Valentine’s Day alone really made me think about my past relationships and the people I’ve given my heart to. This year I’m giving my heart back to God. I want to be so in love with Him and so in love with myself, that I don’t even THINK about settling for less than His best. I’m falling in love this year. Falling in love with my purpose. Falling in love with my passion. Falling in love with the plan God has for my life. I’m falling in love with my destiny. I want to be so aligned with God and in love with my purpose that people who aren’t on the same level don’t even think about trying to connect with me. This year I’m guarding my heart.

I want to be so aligned with God and in love with my purpose that people who aren't on the same level don't even think about trying to connect with me. Click To Tweet

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. – Proverbs 4:23


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  • maddygiles

    This is awesome! I’m married and this was my first valentine’s day with my child so it made me put things into perspective. Usually my husband and I go all out for holidays, but since I quit my job to stay with my son I don’t work. We’ve decided to stop buying each other gifts and just let the stress of getting the right gift leave our house, and focus on our family! I’m glad you’re falling in love with the right person! He will never disappoint!

  • L. Bee

    I’m so happy you were able to take time for yourself. It sounds like you had such a relaxing evening. I need an evening like that lol.

  • The WillowLanders

    I love everything about this post! ( ….um, where do you get a Black Cherry Merlot candle? That sound so yummy! )

    It warms my heart to hear about your Dad sending you a Valentines gift. It is such a blessing to have a loving Father! So glad to hear you are reconnecting with your Heavenly Father too. Valentines day is a great day to celebrate Love in all forms. Thanks for sharing!

  • Crystal Santoria

    Girl, say that! I have never had a Valentine in my life. My parents stayed getting me chocolates Nothing better than the chocolate (Lindt Lindor milk chocolates) being 50% off the day after. It’s peaceful to just show love to those who need it most than always spending it with one.

    • throughherhespeaks

      That’s so true! I read a post the other day that said just making everyone around you your Valentine! You’ll be sure to feel the love then.

  • rodneyaross

    I love this! I wrote a similar post on my blog. This is my second Valentine’s single, but my first officially divorced. To be honest, it was actually a pretty good day. Like you, my focus right now is on God, finding my purpose, and advancing my career. Thanks for sharing!

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