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Where Have I Been?

Hi guys!!!!!! Long time, no blog.

I took some time away from this blog to focus on the launch of my new blog, Planted in Purpose. I created that blog for young women who were tired of just going through the motions. Planted in Purpose was created for the woman who wanted to live more intentionally and chase after her purpose. That blog launched May 1st and I am so excited about what God is going to do through that platform. Here are just a few excerpts from posts on there:

The Importance of Minding Your Own Business

It’s as simple as this: you cannot and you will not manifest the life you want to live if you constantly focus on what other people think or say about you. Your life, your purpose, and your power cannot depend on the approval of others. Feelings change, and one day someone might support you and the next day they won’t. Everything that you do, everything that you write, everything that you create will not please everybody, but you have to believe enough in who you are to not let that bother you.

How to Enjoy Your Season of Singleness and Embrace the Wait

I’m not going to lie, it’s easy to become lonely during your season of singleness. This is the time where you have to run to God for comfort, and not send that “you up?” text to someone you know does you more harm than good. My love languages are physical touch and quality time, and I often times find myself longing for intimacy and for someone to just have around. I had to learn, and am still working on, allowing God to be my comfort and becoming intimate with Him.

What’s Next for the Blog

In a previous post I talked about my motto for this year being “faith over fear”. So often I have let the fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough, fear of failure hold me back from things that I’ve wanted to do. I decided that this would be the year that I wholeheartedly trusted God and had the faith that whatever He was leading me into was purposely designed for me. Having faith when you can’t predict the outcome is hard, especially if you like to be in control (like me!), but when I look at the Bible I see that faith is what led to miracles, faith is what led to breakthrough, faith is what led to generational blessings.

So I thought it would be best that to get back into blogging here on THHS we would look at Hebrews 11, or The Hall of Faith. Each week we will study one of the people mentioned in Hebrews 11, such as Abel, Abraham, Moses, and Rahab. I am really excited to do this study and to see the way that faith transformed people’s lives and the lives of generations after them!

Our first study will be next week Wednesday! Yayyyyyyyy.

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